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Foto: Steven Haberland

The Neil Young Collage

Jens Thomas

22.09.2023 , 

8.30 pm

from 08.00 pm

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Useful information
about the performance

Jens Thomas is best known as Matthias Brandt’s congenial partner for their joint word-music creations, and now he is presenting his solo project “Neil Young Collage”, the recording of which has caused the press to sing hymns. There is talk of a “great success” (Freie Presse) and an “event” (HAZ) and an “independent, unruly and dazzling work!” (FAZ). Jens Thomas doesn’t stick much to Young’s melodies, but takes them apart in a jazzy way and puts something completely new together from them. The term “collage” is close to the term “bricolage”, which is derived from the French “bricoler”, meaning “to tinker”. Live, Neil Young’s songs become the basis for a freely improvised encounter with the moment, the space and the audience.

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