May B, Compagnie Maguy Marin


Foto: Herve Deroo


Cie. Maguy Marin

25.09.2024 , 

8.00 pm

from 7.30 pm

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Choreographer Maguy Marin has written dance history with “May B”. The classic saw the light of day in the theatre world back in 1981 and remains timelessly topical as a congenial response to Samuel Beckett’s dramas. Beckett brought waiting to the stage, Maguy Marin translates his existentialism into movement: Her ten-strong company forms a bizarre panopticon of dusty old creatures shuffling about unhoused. Beckett’s celebration of hope in hopelessness takes on a weightless cheerfulness to the wistful sounds of Franz Schubert and Gavin Bryars. Awkwardness becomes beguiling grace, humour and tenderness develop a deeply human dignity.

May B, Compagnie Maguy Marin

Expert tip

Maguy Marin

“In this essentially theatrical work, the point, for us, was less to develop words and speech than blownup form of movement, thus seeking the meeting point between movement applied to theatre on the one hand, and dance and choreographic language on the other.”

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""May B", a milestone of contemporary dance in France, is just as much a revelation today as the piece must have been in 1981, when it opened up new perspectives for dance."

The Financial Times

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