Sänger der Band Jembaa Groove bei einem Konzert

Jembaa Groove2

Foto: Neil McQenn

Jembaa Groove

10.09.2023 , 

8 pm

7.30 pm

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Useful information
about the performance

The band Jembaa Groove was formed by chance in the cultural melting pot of Berlin: founders Yannick Nolting and Eric Owusu met through their sons at a neighborhood playground and immediately noticed that musically they speak the same language. It was on this common wavelength that they formed their Afro-Soul band in 2020, influenced by the West African music genre of Highlife, US jazz, soul and jazzy sounds from Berlin’s emerging underground scene. This hot mixture resulted in an unmistakable sound. Today the band has grown to seven members and heats up with percussions, trumpets, bass, electric guitar and of course vocals in many languages, such as Ga, Yoruba, Twi and Pidgin English. Positive vibes are guaranteed!

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