Tänzerin der Company MEK bei einer Aufführung von Father Politics


Foto: Laura Gauch

Company MEK

Father Politics

15.09.2023 , 

8.00 pm

from 7.30 pm

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Useful information
about the performance

Choreographer Muhammed Kaltuk and his ensemble Company MEK give authentic expression to the young, activist generation through powerful social dance style. The award-winning dance language of the Swiss dancer with Turkish roots expresses the various realities of young people and the rage of their protests against the powerlessness of the lack of a voice. “Father Politics” unmasks the poses of politics and pillories polarising opinion-making. Kaltuk and his company MEK rely on multinational diversity; the dance develops rousing images to rap songs and protest songs and vibrates with the energy of a generation that wants to make a difference.

Porträt des Tanzredakteurs Thomas Hahn

Expert tip

Thomas Hahn, Dance editor

In any case, Father Politics is the best illustrative lesson in integration.

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Porträt der Tänzerin Chiedza Spörri

"You say you care about society, about everyone. But do you really mean everyone? Even those without papers? Or with a headscarf?"

Chiedza Spörri, Company MEK, Dancer, Poetry Slamer